Islamic Ethics related to Product

  1. The product must be deliverable as it is one of the principles for valid sale.
  2. The businessman should not mention those features on the product that does not actually exist in that product. He should not misrepresent the product.
  3. He should avoid dealing in those products which are prohibited in Shariah. The product should be lawful. It should not be pork, alcohol etc.
  4. Drinking alcohol has been prohibited by the Qur’an and considered as a big sin.

 Anas reported that the Prophet cursed ten about wine-one who squeezes it, one who is engaged for squeezing it, one who drinks it, one who carries it, one to whom it is carried, one who gives it to drink, one who sells it, one who devours its price, one who purchases it and one from whom it is purchased. -(Tirmizi, Ibn Majah)

From the above Hadith, it is clear that the Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) has declared that the manufacturing, buying, selling and transportation of alcohol is illegal and unlawful. Although,  income obtained through it is also prohibited. Some of the other hadith of the Prophet that prohibit alcohol are as follows:

Ibn ‘Umar reported God’s messenger as saying, ‘Every intoxicant is Khamr and every intoxicant is forbidden.”.-(Muslim)

We’il al-Hadrami said that Tariq b. Suwaid asked the Prophet about wine and he forbade him. When he told him that he made it only as a medicine he replied, “It is not a medicine, but is a disease.”-(Muslim)

Dailamah al-Humairi reported: I asked: O Messenger of Allah, verily we are in cold land, and we are to do hard works therein, and we prepare wine from this wheat which gives us strength in our works and in the chill of our cities. He said Does it intoxicate? ‘Yes’ said I, He said: Give it up. I said: Verily the people can not give it up. He said: If they do not give it up, fight with them.-(Abu Daud)

Abdullah-bin-Amr reported that the Messenger of Allah prohibited intoxicants, games of chance, card-playing and Gobairah and he said: Every intoxicant is unlawful.-(Abu Daud)


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