Quran on Riba

  Quran on Riba Quran 30:39 Whatever Ribā (increased amount) you give, so that it may increase in the wealth of the people, it does not increase with Allah; and whatever Zakāh you give, seeking Allah’s pleasure with it, (it is multiplied by Allah, and) it is such people who multiply (their wealth in real Read more about Quran on Riba[…]

The Prohibition of Riba in Stages

Allah (swt) is the only one knows his slave best. The one who created knows the adaptation process of human beings. It is difficult for us to leave a bad habit overnight. Therefore, Allah (swt) prohibited alcohol and Riba in stages. Even the prohibition of alcohol was gradual. It is in Quran (16: 67, 2:19, Read more about The Prohibition of Riba in Stages[…]

What is Riba?

The word “Riba” means excess, increase or addition. According to shariah it is any excess compensation without due consideration. Example of Riba: If a man takes a loan from a bank and he pay back the loan to with a percentage increase over the principle amount. The Quran does not indicate any particular type of riba, but the Read more about What is Riba?[…]

5 Ways to stay away from Riba

5 Ways to stay away from Riba Riba(usuary) is prohibited in Islam. It is clearly stated that Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) cursed the acceptor of interest and its payer, and one who records it, and the two witnesses it. So, we should try to stay away from riba as much as he can. Read more about 5 Ways to stay away from Riba[…]

10 Reasons Behind Prohibition of Riba

10 Reasons Behind Prohibition of Riba Riba reflects greed and selfishness Riba results in trauma and depression Riba is disliked and Prohibited in religions Riba results in injustice and exploitation Riba results in idleness and promotes unearned income Riba Corrupts Society Riba results in Inflation Riba-based market fails Riba causes negative economic growth Riba widen Read more about 10 Reasons Behind Prohibition of Riba[…]


Riba Overview: What is Riba? Forms of Riba Prohibition of Riba in Quran Prohibition of Riba in Hadith Types of Riba What is Riba? Riba is an Arabic word which is derived from the verb Raba, which means ‘to increase’, ‘to grow’, and ‘to exceed’. It can be translated as usury or interest. It refers Read more about Riba[…]